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Kashel Char


Kashel Char means Castle Black. Chosen for the apparent reason that Kashel is a Game Of Thrones fan.


“I found it surprisingly beautiful. In a brutal, horribly uncomfortable sort of way.”―Tyrion Lannister to Janos Slynt.

Kashel is a Canadian speculative Male/Male Sci-Fi Fantasy and Paranormal Romance writer, currently residing in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Kashel’s writing is all about exploring the questions about who we are, where we came from and where are we going as a human race on Earth. Kashel weaves and bubblegum taboo questions and subjects by creating new exciting worlds and characters. Their stories are unpredictable, sickly twisted with a dash of humor, centered around gay characters. Kashel’s wild imagination will have you question your existence among these worlds and make you wish you could escape to these places peppered with foul-mouthed heroes who struggle and strive to save humankind. Kashel believes that sexuality is a beautiful and fluid thing that comes in all shapes and sizes.

Their books are geared towards M/M readers who are open to exploring their deepest questions, desires, and darkest secrets, with stories that are filled with steamy moments between men from different worlds and futuristic cultures.

Pronoun: Gender Non-conforming, Gender Fluid.


“Human space exploration helps to address fundamental questions about our place in the Universe and the history of our solar system. Through addressing the challenges related to human space exploration, we expand technology, create new industries, and help to foster a peaceful connection with other nations. Curiosity and exploration are vital to the human spirit, and accepting the challenge of going deeper into space will invite the citizens of the world today and the generations of tomorrow to join NASA on this exciting journey.”— NASA, 
Beyond Earth-Expanding Human Presence Into the Solar System.

Authors Message

I am fascinated by our efforts to explore outer space—and although I do support such endeavors, I believe that as humans, our greatest responsibility as a species is to ourselves and to discover who we are and to grow to allow each other an equal space under the sun before we are fundamentally ready to begin our trek to the stars.


I am concerned that human behavior predicts that the race to reach the stars is not to understand better or know more but to conquer and make it our property.

This brings me to Atlantis, Egypt, lost civilizations, and ultimately new dystopian civilizations that capture our imaginations and invades our dreams and thus pushing the boundaries of what was and what could be. This is where my imagination runs havoc and my characters fall in love. I love juggling between believing what we were told and what we imagine the reality of it all should be.


Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance stoke the flame of hope, inquisitiveness, and wonder.


I say never stop dreaming. Always enquire, question, and explore to make the unimaginable a reality. Move forward and never accept the status quo blindly.

As a child, I always had my nose in encyclopedias. (That was before the internet and Google.) I would read them for fun and had hoped to discover the secret to making my father’s car run on water, by adding a little pill, like Canderel, that made his coffee taste sweet. In my young mind, I thought if I could make the water taste like petrol, then it should work like petrol. I guess my fascination with alternative energies and sound waves stems from that.

I mention in Cian’s Song using electrical energy generated by sound energy. Principles related to sound waves and energy production have been understood for a long time. Despite this, the technology to turn sound energy into electricity is thought to be in its early stages. And I wonder why?

However, as scientists and technicians investigate and improve the technologies involved in sound-generated electricity, sound energy may produce mass electricity one day. Hopefully soon.

If that sounds like a pipe dream, remember solar and wind power were once beyond our grasp, too.

To learn more about sound energy and other renewable energy resources, visit

Love to all creatures

Kashel Char

An Interview with Kashel Char

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