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Anzulla, According to ISH - A New Beginnings Crossover

Two lovers lost in a time hidden from our history books.


Ishtar, born in Babylon, joined the humans in an insurrection against their oppressor, his father, King Apsu, Patriarch of the Anunnaki.

Following the uprising, the Fates charge him with overseeing a human settlement on the moon, assuring him that more of his kind will come. Time passes and Ishtar grows increasingly lonely and frustrated with the desperate, self-destructive humans. He begins to self-medicate with tainted human blood as an escape. In his drug induced state, he is haunted by a mysterious face. In an effort to break his addiction and determine if the face in his visions is real, he uses his time machine, controlled by the onboard computer and his only friend, Lasitor, to travel through time searching for the man with the angelic face.

His time travels take him to a world where the air is clean and filled with the scent of blooming flowers, the forests blush with vibrant colors and the people greet him with friendly faces. This jungle world intensifies his visions of what he progressively comes to believe is his fated mate and he obsessively hunts for him in the past and future of this world.

In between visiting the jungle, he returns to the moon, and as the Fates predicted, his Anunnaki kin arrive there. Now, Ish must make a choice—continue searching for his mate or focus on working with Cian, Ivan, and Eryn in their quest to help the humans escape their grim life on the moon. He decides on one last visit to the jungle, one last search for the other half of his soul. On this visit, miraculously, he finds him, only to lose him hours later.

This story focuses on one couple, Ishtar and his soulmate, written in first person POV. It is a time travel, speculative fiction fantasy. Warning: This story contains alternative history and explicit, graphic depictions unsuitable for young, sensitive readers or anyone offended by gay sex. Copyright © 2024 Anzulla, According to Ish. A New Beginnings Crossover by Kashel Char. All rights reserved.

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