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Just Like A Butterfly: A New Beginnings Novella






It's the year 2004 A.D

It was a Friday afternoon when I was racing like the Red Queen down the interstate from New York to Lexington, Kentucky, feeling like I would never reach my destination and, simultaneously, reluctant to start my life as a straight-married man and a father-to-be. I was a busted, young, and closeted gay man with a double major in medicine and environmental science. As a Hispanic with stuck-up as fuck parents who worried only about their status and money, my upbringing was as privileged and sad as a locked-up mouse in Fort Knox. This cheesecake body was going to waste, and I was not getting younger.

When I crossed the bridge at the Ohio River, I made a pit stop at a pub after I saw the Ohio Artisan Distillery advertisement on a billboard. The picture of the bourbon made me crave alcohol, so I swung my sexy sports car over to the first R&G (rainbow and glitter) establishment for a martini or three. One olive turned into several before I returned to the highway, wired and waving off my newfound besties, whom I will probably never see again. Their enthusiastic motivational pep talks pushed me to a point where I gave two fucks about what awaited me in Lexington. I needed to get my asshole polished without disinheriting myself before I married a woman who I was certain had stolen my sperm and impregnated herself without my knowledge.

At twenty-two, my existence was crusty, and my new friend Angie Joelee from the R&G I’d just visited convinced me to search for a drag mother and the man of my dreams.

To this day, I don’t know why I didn’t face up to it years earlier. I mean, for years, I had definitely been more attracted to men, but I loved feeling like a woman. Some days I didn’t want to be a woman, just a man, but I still wanted to fuck a man so hard I wanted him begging for my magic wand.


Dear reader/listener



Just Like a Butterfly, is Juandre’s story. He appears as a secondary character in the New Beginnings series and is a re-written version of Here’s The Deal. As Kashel wrote the follow-up of Here’s the Deal, the characters morphed into Vampires drinking whiskey. But, Here’s the Deal, which was a true recount of Stefan’s younger days, grew paranormal, and Kashel had to move the characters into the New Beginnings storyline. We blamed Ish, who time-traveled. Chapter three was added as a bonus, which is Andrews's 3rd person point of view, appearing in Cian’s Song: We Are Coming Home; New Beginnings book three, where the trilogy completes full circle. 

That’s Kashel’s bipolar creative process explained in a nutshell.

We hope you enjoy the story of how Juandre and Andrew met.


Love to all creatures.

Kashel Char. 

Warning: This book contains male/male sex between consenting adults, all eighteen years or older. This book is not intended for people under eighteen.

Just Like a Butterfly Copyright © 2023 Kashel Char was published with Stefan Pride's cooperation. All rights reserved.




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