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Kashel Char


New Beginnings: We Are On Our Own

It's the year 2046.
Scientists and soldiers are thrown together to face Doomsday, unbeknownst to external forces that drive their discoveries of new technologies and DNA manipulations. New laws are written, and an infrastructure devoid of ethnic, religious, or other components that have steered the human race thus far is now history.


Eryn, King of the Brawl: We Are Not Alone

It's the year 21 A.T.
Time to face the truth. We are not alone.
Enjoy an epic rescue mission led by Gen. Brad McCormick, who uncovers and retrieves so much more than their abducted children from the gold mines in South Africa. Millennia-old secrets and the answers to the true origin of humans.


Cian's Song: We Are Coming Home

It's the year 73 A.T.
Cian has his hands full. He has to save a bunch of stupid humans before he can woo his mate who is oblivious to him.


Da Elf Got ta Go
ta da
Bigass Univesaty

Ima happy slutty Elf, an Ima nat ashamed ta say so.
Santa found me humpin Rudolf, back in dam days, so work was hard ta come by, especially in dam Reindeer Stables.
I wana ta be an archeologists for as far back as I cud remember an I was willin ta do anyffin ta get dat degree. (Written for Audio Production.)


Just Like A Butterfly: A New Beginnings Novella

Juandre and Andrew's Story—Before the Doomsday of 2046 A.D.

M/M contemporary with a paranormal twist 

Power Play

Male wearing Moulin Rouge Fishnet Stockings and High Heels

HFN ending and to be continued in Cian's Song, Book 3 New Beginnings Trilogy


Eryn, King of the Brawl (Special Edition Cover)

When Eryn slipped away for another quick visit, Ernest followed him. The Ice King spotted them arguing, but as he approached, running like the Mothman on acid, he fell into the cracking ice. Eryn jumped to save him, but Ernest ran as fast as his froggy legs could carry him to grab four boys for dinner.


New Beginnings Trilogy

Box Set Part 1 - 3 plus bonus chapters


Master Bo And His Johnny

Master Bo and his Johnny coloring erotic comics collection KINK positive and fun. Spoil your little one with crayons and an erotic coloring comic book. BDSM Master/boy contract and planner included


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