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New Beginnings M/M Trilogy

It's the year 2046.
Scientists and soldiers are thrown together to face Doomsday, unbeknownst to external forces that drive their discoveries of new technologies and DNA manipulations. New laws are written, and an infrastructure devoid of ethnic, religious, or other components that have steered the human race thus far is now history.

Colonel Dr. McCormick is not only set on a course to lead the men of Phoenix through world annihilation but also come to terms with his sexuality and how to manage a bunch of brilliant horny men who are not necessarily gay or bi-sexual but who have to have some sexual intimacy and gratification. How will he create a new code of conduct to appease two thousand men to live in harmony without the restrictive pointless rules of the old world?

The plot is dripping buckets full of humor, sexy man love, romance, a wedding, and a “Quik-Fix Hall” only geniuses can design and make it sound like you are taking a trip to the mall. Antarctica turned out to be the best place on Earth. After all, hell has finally frozen over.

Written with a multi-POV approach to get to know the big cast of characters, their struggles, triumphs, and sexuality are only the tip of the iceberg. Fans of science and medical procedures will love the medical jargon and lingo. Get to know the couples who are about to spend millennia together. Phoenix Code is the foundation of the birth of Atlantis and the superhuman race. Earth has reached full circle. Time to face the Truth; we are on our own!

WARNING: This book contains graphic male/male hardcore sex between consenting adults, all eighteen years of age or older. Chapter nineteen is explicitly bondage roleplay with dubious consent. Sensitive readers triggered by this kind of role-play language may skip this chapter. This book is not intended for people under eighteen years of age or anyone offended by gay male sex.
© January 2022 Stefan Pride and Kashel Char. All rights reserved

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