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07 Kashel Char - Chapter 5The Brawl King by Kashel Char Narrated by Jonathan Waters
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Editorial Reviews

  • "Goodness, I loved this story! It's addictive, raw, real, intense, and beautiful. I fell for the characters hardcore and was rooting for them. The way Kashel writes just sucks you in. I cried, and I laughed. I got hot and bothered. I cried some more, and now I want more!" - Brutal Honesty Reviewers.

  • "This was a spectacular read with all the feels. This book is a phenomenal, gripping read with an original storyline & uniqueness of characters that put me through a roller coaster of emotions. From heartbreak to swooning, from tears to laughter, and from despair to hope, this emotionally charged sci-fi romance was so beautifully written that I couldn't help but be immersed within the pages of this book." - Luke Winters.

  • "I am an emotional mess right now. In a good way. What a beautiful roller-coaster of a novel. I don't think I've felt so many highs and lows in a book. The raw emotions and passion between them was alive and they leaped from the pages." - MM Sci-Fi Romance Review

  • "Kashel has a way of writing amazing characters with such depth and love. You don't realize it until you are too far gone and in love with the characters. All the characters are well-developed and relatable, and above all, the heroes are all beyond lovable. Kashel exceeded all of my expectations. The Brawl King is something new and fresh." - Jackson Knowles

  • "Phenomenal sci-fi romance! I laughed and cried, and my heart broke for Eryn, Ivan, and Cian. This is an absolute must-read, along with the other books in the New Beginnings Series. You will not be disappointed." - Gay Men reviewing Gay Reads.

He nodded his approval while raking their bodies slowly up, and down with a smoldering gaze.

Their breaths hitched, and Eryn knew they felt the intensifying heat of his approving gaze stoking the fire between them, and he basked in the electric musical radiance of their combined divine mating songs. Cool musical notes touched their skins like snowflakes while golden blue spirals fluttered like a cold summer breeze. Caressing them while mixing and binding their songs into one crescendo of euphoric lust and power. This must be what humans feel when they say they will make love.

Then, in his best layman’s terms, he said, “I’m fucking horny and fascinated with the two of you. I want you more than anything I’ve ever wanted. Even gold doesn’t compare to the two of you.” Still, Ivan said nothing.