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Peter may smell and look delicious, but he is as tart as pomegranate juice. You will either love or hate him. Ishtar loves him, so by association, I pinched my nose and swallowed him down while I grew to love him too.

The overarching story flows in one direction—in a circle—with no beginning or ending. Readers may loop in at any point.



"Hmmm, an alien, an angel, and a dead prophet. Welcome. We’ve been expecting you. Please come in."


Operating a piece of heavy machinery, for example, a time machine under the influence of tainted human blood, is never a good idea, especially if Ishtar’s oldest friend and onboard computer, Lasitor vowed to protect not only him but his bloodline for eternity.



The story focuses on one couple, Ishtar and his soulmate, written in first person POV. It is a time travel, speculative fiction fantasy.


Warning: This story contains alternate history and explicit, graphic depictions unsuitable for young, sensitive readers or anyone offended by gay sex. Copyright © 2024 Anzulla, According to ISH. A New Beginnings M/M Series Book Three by Kashel Char. All rights reserved.

Anzulla According to ISH by Kashel Char

Kashel Char
Author of
New Beginnings M/M Series

Anzulla According to ISH by Kashel Char
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