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JULY 2024

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Join Ishtar on his voyage through time as he searches for his lover in a lost and unknown world hidden from Earth’s history books—Peter and Ish’s story slots into place with myths and legends of biblical proportions.


You will need a notepad or a blackboard, and lots of tissues for this one.


Desperate and unable to endure another second on the moon, I had inadvertently, unintentionally, and with pure innocence, stumbled upon a world where the air was filled with the scent of blooming flowers and the forests blushed with vibrant colors. Clean air, gentle breezes, and cheerful faces filled this city carved out of a mountain. It was heaven, a sanctuary from the horror-filled Grayrak, where the stench of unwashed humans polluted the air like the fourth Egyptian plague.

Since my return from this newly discovered place, with its jungle and its primitive people, memories and visions of a mysterious face haunt me day and night. These memories are disjointed and confusing, leaving me uncertain if they are from my past or glimpses of my future. My obsessive search for the man with the angelic face had both freed me and replaced my addiction to drug-tainted blood.


Grayrak City needs a savior, but so do I.


I must find the man this face belongs to.

This story focuses on one couple, written in first person POV. It’s a time-travel speculative science fiction fantasy. Warning: This story contains twisted versions of history, and explicit graphic depictions unsuitable for young, sensitive readers or anyone offended by gay sex. Copyright © 2024 Anzulla, According to Ish. A New Beginnings Crossover. Anzulla Part One by Kashel Char. All rights reserved.

Anzulla, According to ISH - ANUNNAKI by Kashel Char

Kashel Char
Author of
New Beginnings M/M Series

New Beginnings Trilogy
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