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Here is what we lay to ponder, anything noteworthy that floats over our desk or through our skull and into your mind… (Kashel Char)

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A New Beginnings Novella

It was a Friday afternoon when I was racing like the Red Queen down the interstate from New York to Lexington, Kentucky, feeling like I would never reach my destination and, simultaneously, reluctant to start my life as a straight-married man and a father-to-be. I was a busted, young, and closeted gay man with a double major in medicine and environmental science. As a Hispanic with stuck-up as fuck parents who worried only about their status and money, my upbringing was as privileged and sad as a locked-up mouse in Fort Knox. This cheesecake body was going to waste, and I was not getting younger.

When I crossed the bridge at the Ohio River, I made a pit stop at a pub after I saw the Ohio Artisan Distillery advertisement on a billboard. The picture of the bourbon made me crave alcohol, so I swung my sexy sports car over to the first R&G (rainbow and glitter) establishment for a martini or three. One olive turned into several before I returned to the highway, wired and waving off my newfound besties, whom I will probably never see again. Their enthusiastic motivational pep talks pushed me to a point where I gave two fucks about what awaited me in Lexington. I needed to get my asshole polished without disinheriting myself. Before, I married a woman who I was certain had stolen my sperm and impregnated herself without my knowledge. 

At twenty-two, my existence was crusty, and my new friend Angie Joelee from the R&G I had just visited convinced me to search for a drag mother and the man of my dreams.


Just Like a Butterfly is Juandre’s story. He appears as a secondary character in the New Beginnings series and is a re-written version of Here’s The Deal. As Kashel wrote the follow-up of Here’s the Deal, the characters morphed into Vampires drinking whiskey. But, Here’s the Deal, which was a true recount of Stefan’s younger days, grew paranormal, and Kashel had to move the characters into the New Beginnings storyline. We blamed Ish, who time-traveled. Chapter three was added as a bonus, which is Andrews's 3rd person point of view, appearing in Cian’s Song: We Are Coming Home; New Beginnings book three, where the trilogy completes full circle. 

That’s Kashel’s bipolar creative process explained in a nutshell.

We hope you enjoy the story of how Juandre and Andrew met.


Love to all creatures.

Kashel Char. 

Warning: This book contains male/male sex between consenting adults, all eighteen years or older. This book is not intended for people under eighteen or anyone offended by gay sex. Juandre Copyright © 2023 Kashel Char published with the cooperation from Stefan Pride. All rights reserved.


South Africa

This is where Kashel was born and grew up in a small town named Fochville. In The Brawl King, the main character Eryn was born inside the experimental labs deep down inside the mineshafts on the outer rim of this small town in the Gauteng province, central South Africa. This is also the official "Cradle of Mankind" and what stirred Kashel's imagination to write and create this character.

Eryn, the Brawl King

Kashel created and wrote a new superhero. 

Green Gold Eyes like amphibians, pupils elongated.

Eight Feet Tall


Siren Voice


Skin glows golden blue when aroused

He manipulates sound waves, can create anything from sound particles, and uses his spear to concentrate and direct the power.


The Twins


Cian and Ivan Romanov are fraternal twins born on the day of the Big Tsunami that flooded most of the world. Hence the Year of the Twins. They are twenty-one years of age. There are many secrets and questions surrounding their DNA and the origin of their mother. They are also the last of the Russian Romanov Dynasty. Cian is loud and impulsive, and Ivan is sensible and always waits his turn. Although both are seven feet tall and slender, with long blond hair and blue eyes, their personalities differ like night and day. Cian is extroverted, and Ivan is introverted. They love each other dearly and keep their parents on their toes.

Who and what is a Brawl?

The word Brawl is derived from the Afrikaans word for bullfrog; ‘brulpadda’ – brul (roar) + padda (frog). Pronounced Brulpadda: [br3:lpAdA].

New Beginnings Book2


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CHaotic EroTic 

Dreaming Medium
ebook Cover2 Phoenix Code.jpg
brawl king 6x9 New Beginnings MM Trilogy Book Two.jpg
Cian's Song ebook Cover New Beginnings MM Trilogy.jpg

Work in Progress

Cian's Song ebook Cover New Beginnings MM Trilogy.jpg

Threeway Kissing; this is what I imagined Brad and the men saw when they unexpectedly walked in on Eryn, Cian, and Ivan making out.



brawl king Audio New Beginnings MM Trilogy Book Two copy.jpg
Chapter 5The Brawl King by Kashel Char Narrated by Jonathan Waters
00:00 / 29:41

Coming AUGUST 31st!
Cian's Song

Untitled-1 (44)_edited.jpg
Cian's Song ebook Cover New Beginnings MM Trilogy.jpg

Cian's Song: We Are Coming Home



95 A.T.

The Warship Horizon

Somewhere between Earth and Mars


Ivan pulled his puzzled and unsuspecting husband into the airlock chamber. 

“What is this? What’s going on, Ivan? Is someone hurt?” Eryn shot question after question but never resisted.

“Don’t worry. This is for us. For you and me. It’s going to be so much fun.” Ivan coaxed Eryn inside, and the door shut behind him. Eryn looked bewildered at the door. 

“Don’t worry, big Brawl, no one is going to hurt you,” Ivan said and hit the button for the opposite door to open the zero-gravity training room. “We’re going to fuck until not one of us can come anymore. I’ve already told Cian not to expect us at the helm any time soon,” Ivan said, ripping off his clothes and boots and sending them drifting. Eryn watched him. The puzzled look on his face was replaced by wonder and anticipation. I need him now.

“Come here. You’re a beautiful creature.” Eryn flung his arms around Ivan’s neck and kissed him until they needed to stop for air.

“I missed you so much. I promised myself that when I enter you, it would be with my bare feet planted on Mother Earth. I want to smell mud and semen. Grass and water and….” 

“Okay, big boy, I get the picture. Your frogging Brawl ass misses the earth, but I missed you, and I want to come at least three times now.” Ivan demanded. 

“Look around you. We’re in a zero-gravity room. How will I be able to fuck you into the floor or up the wall? You’ll fly to the opposite side as soon as I poke you with my finger.” He pointed to a wall about fifty feet away from them. 

“We just need to be creative,” he said seductively, knowing Eryn would never say no to him. The big Brawl was wrapped around his pinky and his alone. 

“Come, let me help you.” He started to loosen his belt. Pulling it through the loops and sending it floating behind him. Then he removed Eryn’s pants so his big cock sprung free. Eryn had shrunk his cock to a more manageable size. His two cocks bothered him while walking around, and the two ten-inch cocks were fun when they experimented, but penetration by such big members had Ivan torn open when they were younger and stupid. Eryn was more traumatized by the ordeal than Ivan. He'd gone to their fathers devastated, and Mika and Connor explained penetration and preparation better than the porn and educational vids Lasitor had shown them. But they recommended making his dicks a bit shorter and smaller for Ivan. So they’ve decided to return to having only one, exactly like Ivan’s. He’d asked Mika and Connor how big their cocks were and wanted to see them. Their father handled the situation with tact and finesse and showed him what size they had, but then again, their cocks were also not small, and that’s how they ended up talking about recipes for lube. Ivan smiled thinking about it and remembered to pay attention. 

“This isn’t fair. I wanted…” Eryn protested lamely.

“Shh, let me show you how much I missed you.” Ivan opened his mouth wide to insert the Brawl’s cock into his mouth. Pulling the foreskin back, he rolled his tongue around the rough, sensitive edges of his cockhead. Teasing it with small licks and bites just the way he knew Eryn liked it. He suckled and worked it until he tasted his sweet pre-cum. Eryn swore in every language he knew, signaling to Ivan, it was time to slowly push every bit of meat into his warm wet mouth and down his throat until his lips touched his hairless pubic area. 

He looked up at Eryn, who stared back with a scorching hot look in his golden-green-slitted eyes. He knew he had successfully seduced and convinced Eryn. The hunger in his eyes and his throbbing ejaculating cock said so. Eryn grabbed Ivan by the hair and fucked his mouth hard several times. 

“See what you have done? I’m already coming, fucking nymph,” he said as he thrust. Ivan’s eyes were tearing up, but the absence of a gag reflex gave Eryn the perfect hole to fuck until every last drop was in Ivan's stomach. 

It thrilled Ivan by creating new unforgettable memories. To him, it felt like they christened their first love-making session, thus creating a new golden standard for future fucks. 

Eryn pulled his long flaccid dick out of his esophagus, and Ivan vacuumed long, heaving breaths with a smile. “Delicious, just as I imagined it would taste and smell. I missed you like crazy,” Ivan said between gulps of air. 

Eryn ran the palm of his hand down Ivan’s cheek. “Thank you, that was your best blow job ever. I missed you, too, very, very much, my beautiful Ivan,” he said with tears in his eyes, stroking the line of his jaw with his thumb. They looked deeply into one another’s eyes. Both their bodies glowed a light blue sheen. Their fevered gazes of desire turned into a predatory stare, and then they attacked each other with pent-up hunger, longing, and frustration. Grabbing each other greedily to get as much and as deep as possible into and of each other. 

Growls and moans filled the big space, and Eryn was rock-hard instantly. He pumped his cock, looking like he was about to devour Ivan. “Is this what you wanted? Did you want me to fuck you so hard that you feel it in your throat? I’m going to rip you open and put you back together again,” Eryn snarled into Ivan’s mouth.

“Yes, please,” Ivan said like a needy slut, and Eryn’s hands slipped around, cupping his backside to open him up for the intrusion. 

“Go ahead. I’m ready for you,” Ivan urged. 

“Fucking frog balls, Ivan, you’re already slick for me?”

“I am. I fucked my dildo and left lots of lube inside for us,” Ivan said and flung his legs around Eryn’s waist. The movement sent them drifting. Ivan didn’t know where since his eyes were closed as he worked Eryn’s cock head through his sphincter. 

“Dear sweet lollipops! I forgot how good it feels,” Eryn exclaimed, pushing deeper, panting deeply. “Oh, ah,” he moaned with a deep baritone and croaked a long bellowed holler of ecstasy Ivan had never heard before. 

Eryn’s eyes rolled back as he pushed and pulled Ivan by the hips up and down. Ivan held onto Eryn, enjoying the friction his cock received between their slick sweaty bodies. Small sparks of light escaped between their touching bodies, and Ivan opened his eyes to see the ribbons of blue and gold emanating from their union into the space around them. He loved seeing it, it meant they were making love, and the brighter it glowed, the deeper they were immersed in the act of giving and receiving. Eryn laughed as if hearing his thoughts. The deep chuckles vibrated in his chest, and Ivan searched his face noticing there was another source of his amusement.

“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?”

“Look at us,” Eryn said, barely getting the words out.

Ivan was confused, he was mid-coital, and coitus interruptus was not on his schedule, especially not for a laughing fit. Eryn was hitting that spot he loved and was one stroke away from ejaculating. He turned to the side where Eryn pointed to their reflection in the massive bay window. Frowning deeply, he saw it. In the darkness, their up-and-down movement looked like two glowworms in the bioluminescent caves below Phoenix.

“Okay, that is funny.” They laughed and reached a climax together. 

 “This was fun, but I think sex in space, in zero-gravity, sounds better than it really is,” Ivan said while swimming through the air to grab and collect their clothes to get dressed. 

“Agreed, but anywhere is always good, as long as it’s with you.” Eryn kissed Ivan deeply, took his hand to pull, and pushed him forward to float back to the exit with his arms full of their clothes. 

“Oh, I couldn’t agree more,” Ivan said.

A pager pinged somewhere in the heap of their clothes. Eryn scurried through it, looking for his pants pockets, and he looked at it. “It’s a call from Cian.” He pressed a button on the receiver. “Speak, brother.”

“Ivan, Eryn, come to the helm. We need you. Bring your spear and sword,” Cian said in an authoritative voice.

“What’s our brother up to now?” Ivan asked.

The Story of ISH 


The motherfucker who caused all this shit


Anunnaki Family Tree