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Hi guys, blessings and kombucha upon your Scorpio-sculpted solitude struggle.

It's me, Kashel, your namaste.

Are you battling to bond with your ethically non-monogamous twin flame? Is your polyamorous camper van more just like, a van these days?

Maybe you feel like you're lost in Mordor and the evil eye of Sauron is not upon you.

Are you sure you should have had those mushrooms for breakfast?

Maybe you need to sign up and join my off-the-grid community outsourced gay sex-crazed cult where there is no breakfast or mushrooms or extacy, because I think I hoovered them all.

Sign up for your ascension now on my website at, which my website developer assures me we'll be going live any day now. So when it does, when my DNS is pointing to your starving star sign, then why don’t you sign up and allow yourself to find myself inside of yourself?

In the meantime, stay damaged and keep healing.

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