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Who and what is a Brawl?


The word Brawl is derived from the Afrikaans word for bullfrog; ‘brulpadda’ – brul (roar) + padda (frog). Pronounced Brulpadda: [br3:lpAdA].

Eryn is the King of the Brawl. He’s the product of DNA manipulation and cross-species genome splicing. Anunnaki’s experimentation and exploitation of the Earth’s inhabitants and resources have influenced the current state of the planet’s dire future, which may rest on the shoulders of the Kings. Born in a South African laboratory, hidden inside a mineshaft. Appeared to be 35 years of age. Manipulates sound, can create and manipulate biological particles, and is stronger and faster than humans. Extreme mental abilities.

Lasitor is the artificial intelligence created to be the city of Phoenix’s community news broadcaster. He has a male robotic, futuristic voice, and he lives within Phoenix mainframe. His intelligence and self-awareness grow with his age, and his 24-hour-a-day observation of humans and their emotional experiences impact him so much that he finds it challenging to translate the dangers ahead and his imminent death.

Ishtar the last Anunnaki

Born in Babylon 3500 B.C. 250 years of age when his story begins. Timewalker, drink blood to heal. Has sun allergy. (Father of all vampires.) Skin Color: Dark Blue. Eyes yellow black rings. Eight feet tall. Warrior. Carry golden Egyptian swords. Addictive Personality. Bisexual. Blue Demon God of the Mountain.

Dr. Peter von Leutzendorf: Thought to be from Bavaria, Germany. He appears to be a twenty-seven-year-old biochemist and cryogenics expert, a weird scientist. We get to know his background more and discover his hidden agenda. Peter falls in love with Ishtar. He transformed into a Birdman. (Creature looking like an angel with white wings.) Quirky personality. Extremely Intelligent. Kuku, Birdman God of the Mountain.


Saved in Babylonia. Half-vampire. Asian monk/prophet.


Stunningly beautiful sable Birdman.


Effeminate San warrior

Gugusan / Gu leader of the San

Leader of the San People. A tribe that has been guarding the Mountain of the Gods for generations. Ishtar visits these people at different time intervals and acquires the status of God of the Mountain. Big Muscled. Yellow-brown Eyes. Using blue, red, and green feathers and jewels to cover up.

General Brad McCormick: Thirty-nine years of age. Inserted his Eden Bean (Peter Pan Capsule) at forty-five. Typical American general. Honest, fair, and just. In denial to the point of being an oblivious scatterbrain to homosexuality. He is not an aggressive, overpowering, controlling man. NOT the villain; he is well-loved as a leader. He has a history of turning into a psychopathic killer on the war front and will defend and fight for what he sees as his responsibility, family, and friends.

Dr. Broderick (Rick) Longarrow: The last Native American Apache. Refined, stoic, highly educated, and self-assured medical doctor in charge of medical operations. In book one, he seduces Brad McCormick, 12 years his senior. He inserted his Peter Pan Capsule in his thirties. Both lovers are incredibly loyal and committed to Phoenix.

Cian and Ivan Romanov are fraternal twins born on the day of the Big Tsunami that flooded most of the world. Hence the Year of the Twins. They are twenty-one years of age. There are many secrets and questions surrounding their DNA and the origin of their mother. They are also the last of the Russian Romanov Dynasty. Cian is loud and impulsive, and Ivan is sensible and always waits his turn. Although both are seven feet tall and slender, with long blond hair and blue eyes, their personalities differ like night and day. Cian is extroverted, and Ivan is introverted. They love each other dearly and keep their parents on their toes.

Dr. Connor O’Hara: Second in command, Irish, in his early thirties, confident but soft-spoken with a short fuse. Computer specialist and code breaker, he’s in a relationship with Mika Romanov. One of the first residents, with his husband, inserted their Peter Pan Capsules in their mid-thirties.

Dr. Mika Romanov pronounced [Mee’ ka] - Russian, English is choppy, he’s a brilliant linguist, and he’s mastered several languages. Later became more fluent in English. His English is choppier when upset. He’s also in his early thirties and a charmer, full of confidence. He’s the last descendant of the lost Romanov Imperial Dynasty to rule Russia. 

Captain Bryan Howell: Silver Fox, in charge of the Reserves and Phoenix Security. Master Dominant. Doomsday was a blessing in disguise for him. He loved fucking his way through the men of Phoenix until he got involved with Tony, the Italian engineer. They are in a D/s relationship. He built a playroom for Tony, where men with KINKs can visit and play. He inserted his Peter Pan Capsule in his late forties.

Tony Bonillo: New York, Southern Italian. He inserted his Peter Pan Capsule in his thirties. He’s a civil engineer who helped in the design of Phoenix as a graduate student. Submissive, they named the playroom after him as a birthday gift from Bryan in Part One.

Simon and Paul both arrived at Phoenix when they were sixteen-years-old. Three years later, Doomsday happened when their father discovered the two boys were gay and had been in a relationship for years. A relationship his wife and son hid from him. They were highly gifted post-high school students. Although brilliant nerds, Amir and Dylan easily influenced them to work in Quik-Fix Hall, Hall for an hour. They inserted their Eden Beans at twenty-three. They are extraordinary medical professionals.

Donali and Kawa McCormick’s twins are eighteen-years-old. Born three years after the Romanov twins, they are half Native American Apache. Although their parents, Brad and Rick, took the McCormick last name, they gave the boys authentic Apache names Donali and Kawa (KAAWAH). Both words mean great.

Juandre (Juan) Martinez: Effeminate, the early thirties, drag queen, scientist, and cook, 2nd generation Hispanic. In Part One, we get to know Juan and Drew best; they organize Mika and Connor’s wedding reception. They created a vitamin and mineral (with some unknowns) orange juice called Rooster Booster Juice: a famous drink for vitality and sexual stamina. Vampire.

Andrew Cunningham: Works in the Food and Nutrition Management Services. He’s in his late thirties, has a big teddy bear personality, and has a happy giant laugh and booming voice. Other names: Ryan, Andrew, Andre, Drew. Vampire since 1968.)

Dr. John Saunders: Older British doctor, founder, and project manager of Project - One. Appearing only in Chapter 1, Part One, he works in cooperation with the WHPPS, an increasingly questionable organization.

Sergeant Amir Lamasi - Pronounced Ameer: Mid-twenties, corporal, young American voice. They promoted him from corporal to sergeant during the past twenty-one years.

Dylan Hurst: A twenty-two-year-old American who served as a soldier and appeared in Part One.

Bryce Richards: Thirty-two-year-old Australian with an Aussie accent was heavy and engaging, Part One.

Corporal Fritz de Vries and Malcolm: Appeared in the last two chapters of Part One. They’re in their early twenties and young American Soldiers and lovers. Malcolm died tragically because of a gunshot to the head while they ran for safety. The guilty party was never identified.

Joshua Adams: Late forties. A Mormon Alderman from Salt Lake City. He keeps to himself and is very secretive. Friend and father figure to young Eryn.

Vucub-Caquix (K'iche': Wuqub’ Kaqix, [ʋuˈquɓ kaˈqiʃ], possibly meaning 'seven-Macaw') is the name of a bird demon defeated by the Hero Twins of a Kʼicheʼ-Maya myth preserved in an 18th-century document, entitled ʼPopol Vuhʼ. The episode of the demon's defeat was already known in the Late Preclassic Period, before the year 200 AD. He was also the father of Zipacna, an underworld demon deity, and Cabrakan, the Earthquake God. (Source: Wikipedia)

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