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New Beginnings M/M Series


Kashel Char Sci-Fi Fantasy


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Anzulla, According to Ish

New Beginnings M/M Series Part One

New Beginnings: We Are On Our Own

In the year 2046, the world faces impending doom and a group of scientists and soldiers unite to confront the apocalypse. Unbeknownst to external forces, their discoveries of new technologies and DNA manipulations hold the key to survival. As new laws are written, the old world's infrastructure, filled with ethnic and religious divisions, becomes history.

Colonel Dr. McCormick finds himself in the role of leading his team through annihilation, while also struggling to come to terms with his own sexuality. He must navigate the challenge of managing a group of brilliant, sexually-charged men who seek intimacy and gratification. Can he create a new code of conduct that will bring harmony to two thousand men and allow them to live without the restrictive rules of the past? The plot is filled with humor, steamy romances, a wedding, and a "Quik-Fix Hall.”

Set in Antarctica, the story explores how these men become the last hope for humanity. As the characters face their own struggles, triumphs, and confrontations with their sexuality, they also discover the true power within camaraderie. This post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy series is for fans of science, medical procedures, and passionate love stories. Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey where the human race must confront the truth: We Are On Our Own!

New Beginnings: We Are On Our Own is Part One in a planned post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy series featuring gifted scientists and soldiers falling in love. Warning: This story has explicit and graphic depictions unsuitable for young and sensitive readers or anyone offended by gay sex.

New-Beginnings Special Edition
New Beginnings_ We Are On Our Own written by Kashel Char, Narrated by Jonathan WatersJonathan Waters
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New Beginnings M/M Series Part Two

Eryn, King of the Brawl: We Are Not Alone

What if the world constantly restarted with a New Beginning, what would it look like? Where would it restart and where is the head and where is the tail of this big circle of life on Earth? Who is responsible for it all and how did it happen?

South Africa, 21 A.T., was like Antarctica, cold, dark, and barren. Nothing should be able to survive in the Brawl’s nest, but Eryn and his brothers did. Eryn slipped in and out of the mines all his life to visit Phoenix, the last vestige of human civilization. Mika and Connor’s twins captivated him. So, he splits his priorities between his frog family and the human family he longed to join. Using his empathic monarchical power, he forces them to hibernate while he snuck through Phoenix, watching the twins grow up. He longed to join them, but Eryn’s egg brother Ernest is cunning and a psycho cannibalistic frog man. Eryn’s opposite in every way. To save the humans and be free, he has to eliminate them, but he’s not a murderer. Thus, isolating himself, making life complicated.

This fast-paced rescue mission uncovers millennia-old secrets and the true origin of humans. Mika and Connor can’t understand their boys’ infatuation with Eryn. Maybe it’s Stockholm, but one thing’s for sure, Eryn’s double-dipping. He would go to lengths to please them. Sharing comes naturally to Ivan and Cian, like sharing an ice cream.

What to expect:

  • M/M/M and M/M pairings.

  • Sci-Fi Fantasy Mashup.


Eryn, King of the Brawl is the second book in a planned post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy series featuring gifted otherworldly paranormal beings falling in love. Warning: This story has explicit and graphic depictions of imprisonment, violence, blood, and gore. It is unsuitable for young and sensitive readers or anyone offended by gay sex. Copyright © 2023 Kashel Char. All rights reserved.

Eryn King of the Brawl by Kashel Char Best Gay Science Fiction Fantasy
Eryn, King of the Brawl AudioJonathan Waters
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New Beginnings M/M Series Part Three

Cian's Song: We Are Coming Home

It's the year 73 A.T. 
Cian’s been denying the pull toward the moon for decades, and as soon as the Phoenicians designed and built a prototype fit for spaceflight, they followed the ship Cian spotted. But as soon as they land on the moon, they discover the Disciples of the Anunnaki have created a new kind of monster. He has his hands full and has to save a bunch of stupid humans before he can woo his mate, who is oblivious about him.
Back on Earth, Phoenix lay at the bottom of the Earth’s global ocean, which covers ninety-nine percent of the Earth’s surface. Eryn, Ivan, and Cian had successfully wrapped the titanium and plexiglass city with a protective waterproof barrier. Some waters have receded around the highest mountains where animals have found refuge. All these areas were declared protected and sacred to allow the surviving fauna and flora to flourish on their own and rehabilitate without the interference or hindrance of man so that nature may repair Earth’s fragile ecosystem.

But all is not as it seems. Eryn brings a stranger on board who might or might not be a friend.

What to expect:

  • M/M pairings.

  • Sci-Fi Fantasy Mashup.

  • Time Travel

  • Cyborgs

  • Vampires

  • Anunnaki and Anubis

  • Operation Moon Evacuation

Cian’s Song: We Are Coming Home is the second book written by Kashel Char and Book Three in a planned post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy series featuring gifted otherworldly paranormal beings falling in love while saving the last of mankind. Warning: This story has explicit and graphic depictions of a quadruple amputee prisoner, off-the-page mention of non-consensual sexual acts, cannibalism, and imprisonment. It is unsuitable for young and sensitive readers or anyone offended by gay sex.

Cian Song
Cian's Song: We Are Coming HomeJonathan Waters
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New Beginnings M/M Series


Just Like a Butterfly

It’s the year 2004 A.D.




At twenty-two, my existence was crusty. It was a Friday afternoon when I was racing like the Red Queen down the interstate from New York to Lexington, Kentucky, feeling like I would never reach my destination and, simultaneously, reluctant to start my life as a straight-married man and a father-to-be. When I crossed the bridge at the Ohio River, I swung my sexy sports car over to the first R&G (rainbow and glitter) establishment for a martini or three. One olive turned into several before I returned to the highway, wired and waving off my newfound besties, whom I will probably never see again. Their enthusiastic motivational pep talks convinced me to take a chance, find the man of my dreams and ask for what I wanted.


Warning: This book contains male/male sex between consenting adults, all eighteen years or older. This book is not intended for people under eighteen. Copyright © 2023 Just Like a Butterfly by Kashel Char was published with Stefan Pride's cooperation. All rights reserved.


Just Like a Butterfly, is Juandre's story. He appears as a secondary character in the New Beginnings series and is a re-written version of Here's The Deal.

Just Like a ButterflyJonathan Waters
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